People will buy from you for your energy, for who you truly are

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People are constantly looking for uniqueness, they want to buy from a real person.

Let’s look deep into how being genuine in your business can help you stand out.

“Just be what you are and speak from your guts and heart — it’s all a man has.” — Hubert Humphrey

What is authenticity?

I’m convinced that if the Apple brand sold a toilet tomorrow, for example, there would be a long queue of people who would want to get hold of one. Why is that?

Because we devote a lot of time and energy to marketing strategies, to deciding whether…

Analysis and best methods to keep our online meetings private.

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Messaging programs have undoubtedly become a critical communication tool for our personal and professional lives. There is also no doubt that video calling applications, or the extension of this functionality to existing ones, have been a complete revolution during the pandemic, where they became the only form of visual communication due to the forced introduction of remote-work.

There are many options, but in this article we will focus on some of the most professional ones, because of their connection with other applications and functionalities, always ensuring the security of information that is shared and privacy in communications.

At the bottom…

In today’s world is key to understand digital globalization to not fall behind.

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Today, the possibilities offered by digital advances are an ally for entrepreneurs. Similarly, a progressively connected and globalized world is an enabling environment for new business ideas. Find out what you need to consider for your entrepreneurship to grow in the globalized digital environment.

The digital transformation of recent years leaves no doubt that technology is a fundamental tool. It can even make the difference between successful and stagnant entrepreneurship.

The thing that’s transforming is not the technology — it’s the technology that is transforming you. — Jeanne W. Ross of MIT Sloan’s Center for Information Systems Research

These are…

Three consumer trends that have come to stay post-pandemic

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The pandemic has left its mark on consumption habits, lifestyles, and preferences in the world of work. We can point out three trends that have come to stay:

The first is the distance review. Between perimeter confinement and city limitations, the purchase takes place on the closest streets “neighborhood” or “shopping center”. It has been difficult to walk or buy impulsively when passing through the windows.

The second change relates to the first: the use of the car to “spend the day”, shop, eat outside and come back in the middle of the afternoon has been reduced. …

How to be found and generate revenue avoiding closure forever

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The Internet has changed the concept of traditional enterprise, of which there is no doubt. ‘Lifelong’ businesses have been forced to modernize to be competitive, opening up to unknown avenues, such as e-commerce.

When it comes to purely local business, digitization is almost inevitable. A neighborhood store, a fruit shop, or a phone repair, for example, can only sell their products or services in a given geographic area, mostly. That’s why it’s so important that people who are close to these kinds of companies can easily locate them. That’s where local marketing comes in.

Local searches are for many users…

Thank you for your time and consideration ILLUMINATION.

"It's not about climbing the ladder faster than everyone else, it's about sharing knowledge a long the way and knowledge is power." -Marcel Badia

The wonderful thing to remember about advertising is that a story isn’t just about words

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We may not realize it, but stories are all around us. Too often, we assume stories are confined to books or movies, but if you look closely, they’re everywhere. Take a moment to think about the last time you were utterly captivated by a tale.

That story grabbed your attention, but more than that, it captured your emotions and your mind. It had full attention despite everything else going on around you. That’s a powerful tool, and one that should absolutely be used in marketing and brand growth. …

The crucial step to reinvent branding and customer engagement

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In the United States, Internet connections are mostly offered by the private sector and are accessible in a variety of formats, with a variety of technologies, speeds, and prices. With 312.32 million internet users in 2019, the United States was ranked third in the world (after China and India).

Hence, the importance of companies knowing how to sell remotely and exploring new ways to tackle commercial work.

You need to rethink how they relate to their customers and the processes, tools, and skills needed to move business teams from a field sale to a remote sales model.

“Technology now allows…

Entrepreneur Growth has no limits.


“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” — Peter Drucker

Maybe you’re wondering if it’s not crazy to dedicate your scarce resources to the unlikely adventure of creating a successful company. Isn’t it more logical to “just to find a job like everyone else?”

It’s logical to think that, but isn’t that line of thinking the one that makes you end up in the lost world of unemployment in the first place? isn’t that way of thinking the one who keeps you at home, sending dozens of resumes without any results? …

The necessary abilities to reshape ourselves into the natural change of the digital world

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Normally, when we think about the digital transformation of companies, we wonder about the skills needed to successfully cope with it by the employees who make up them. These are the so-called digital competitions.

And, although the most common thing is to talk about “hard skills” such as programming, data analysis, or knowledge of different technologies, the so-called soft skills “soft skills” such as communication, teamwork, leadership, etc. are increasingly valued.

On the other hand, the environment changes abruptly and new needs arise. Digital transformation is no longer a goal for growth and becomes an emergency for survival. With the…

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