Trends that companies implemented to adapt and survive

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The pandemic leaves us with countless lessons and lessons learned. We may forget some of them in a few months, but we will certainly not regain the sense of stability that we had before COVID-19. This disease has changed everything in its path: our concept of safety and risk, the way we interact and, the habits in the work environment: Organizations open their way.

During this time, companies have made a huge effort to adapt to new circumstances. Within a few days, they have enabled contingency mechanisms to continue working and to provide business continuity. …

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"It's not about climbing the ladder faster than everyone else, it's about sharing knowledge a long the way and knowledge is power." -Marcel Badia

Learn how to effectively implement a communication plan and achieve a more productive environment

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Corporate communication has always been an important resource for the operation of large companies. However, in the era of globalization and digital transformation, communication is fundamental to the success and survival of any type of organization. Has two sides: on the one hand, it allows information and knowledge flows to be channeled; on the other hand, it is a fundamental tool to motivate and engage the worker. What is the cost of poor corporate communication?

Poor communication with and between their employees, hence the importance of building an effective business communication strategy that favors growth and organizational development. …

An approach that brings great value to any entrepreneur who starts or wants to shape the art of selling to survive.

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It does little good to be the best in your profession if you are a disaster when you try to sell. If you identify yourself with this situation, you are congratulated: everything can be learned, including something that makes you as uncomfortable as selling.

Many Startups and entrepreneurs are delaying business action to the inevitable. Behind this delay is often personal resistance to selling: “I don’t have time”, “I feel terrible”, “they will call if they need me”… Excuses.

With a very personal view, the article summarizes my top ten keys for anyone, to master the art of the sale.

Times have changed and with this new era, we adapted new routines and new ways to live our lives at the end we are learning to survive like we always do.

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We are going to reach almost a year into the massive work-from-home shift, every day more business leaders are changing their mindset about productivity equality between home and office.

There is no doubt that the promotion of self-employment and new technologies are making more appealing work-from-home. A dream by many that are turning to reality.

The overwhelming data shows the success of remote work with and great increase: Now 83% of employers have shifted to remote work compared to 73% in June 2020.

Online, there are many pages with tips on how to successfully address and adapt to the work-from-home…

Innovation and creativity is the fuel to keep your company going, if you stop that might as well shut down

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One of the things that confinement taught us was that standing still is not the same as standing still. Many people, out of the desire to show their solidarity, their art, and their desire to overcome boredom, have given free rein to their imagination, to share their creativity with the world.

Other people’s motivation was the need to continue their activity from home, to continue offering services, to have visibility, and to receive financial compensation for it.

Communication and technology-related companies have increased their profits the most in the last year. Some have taken advantage of the pull and have…

If you haven’t applied these tools yet it may be too late

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Worldwide shoppers spent nearly $4.29 trillion in a pandemic-fueled 2020, up from almost $3.46 trillion the prior year. An increase of web sales of 17.9% growth in 2019.

The importance of having qualified traffic, a web-optimized for customer experience, and loyalty systems so that they don’t stop buying us.

Neither one works without the other two. You can bring a lot of traffic to your store, but if it’s not optimized for conversion, you’ll have visited, but not sales. Or you can have an optimized store, but without qualified traffic, you won’t get customers. …

It’s showtime, here I explain some tips on how to keep yourself on the path to success

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Now is the time after all the sleepless nights it’s when you need to take action to prove them wrong.

Your company has already launched: is legally formed, you have the operations in place, you’re developing a marketing plan, selling, controlling finance what should you do now?

Move the tears and move on. It’s showtime. -Dinakar

Don’t go for anything

The process of starting up a business idea is exciting, but everyday life can be very hard. More at the beginning, when problems are over and resources are lacking. …

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Remember my fellow writers and entrepreneurs never give up.

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