The good fisherman of “ideas” differs from the others because focuses on those preys that are mostly priced, those that cannot be achieved by the rest

If ideas were fish and us fishermen would have, as in other facets of life, better and worse fishermen. And this would depend not only on how many fish someone could catch but fundamentally on the quality of the fish they catch. We could understand that quality as the kind of fish that are caught if they’re more or less frequent, exotic, hard to catch, heavyweight, etc.

That’s why a good fisherman is always known and recognized in his guild as a special person, who does things well, in an excellent way, and makes his company grow and improve continuously.

How to survive and adapt your home-based business in times of uncertainty

The most successful business ideas are characterized by their adaptability. Technology, consumer behavior, and a new culture of doing business favor those who run their businesses from home. Similarly, exceptional contexts like the COVID-19 pandemic underscore the importance of an organization operating from anywhere.

Launching a business requires good planning and keeping track of current trends. Bear in mind that successful business ideas have been consistent and have not feared change. Today, more than ever, it is necessary to establish a presence in digital media.

“Getting up in the morning and starting your workday as if you were commuting to…

COVID-19 has transformed the way we live, learn, buy, entertain, and socialize

Our way of working has also changed more over the last year than in the previous century. We have had to do it from home, with new tools and different rules that have forced the experience to reinvent. The opportunity associated with this crisis is undoubtedly the pandemic as a driver of digital transformation.

The world in 2021 has taken on another “tone.” But COVID-19, apart from its bafflement and tragedies, also leaves us with some positive surprises. We have taken eight important steps towards digital transformation and prior cultural change. Let’s see them:

“In Today’s era of volatility, there…

Times have changed and with this new era, we adapted new routines and new ways to live our lives at the end we are learning to survive like we always do.

We are going to reach almost a year into the massive wor-from-home shift, every day more business leaders are changing their mindset about productivity equality between home and office.

There is no doubt that the promotion of self-employment and new technologies are making more appealing work-from-home. A dream by many that are turning to reality.

The overwhelming data shows the success of remote work with and great increase: Now 83% of employers have shifted to remote work compared to 73% in June 2020.

Online, there are many pages with tips on how to successfully address and adapt to the work-from-home…

Stay strong on your beliefs and let no one convince you otherwise

Everything you know has first been an idea in someone’s mind. And everything you have right now, everything you’ve already accomplished, also started out as an idea.

There will be many other ideas that stayed along the way, separated by certain problems, pushed by external forces that you did not see coming.

You may not even remember some of them, perhaps because they were fleeting, so light that they were dragged by a breath of air.

If you have a creative mind, it’s possible that ideas appear in your head constantly, one after another, in batches. …

I am glad what I write helps someone, keep moving forward Elle.

Thank you for your words of encouragement, I try to at least help one person with my writing. Looking forward to reading your complete project and more from you, stay safe kris.

I am honored to be a writer for ILLUMINATION, once again I appreciate all the hard work, great communication, and professionalism all editors do for the publication. THANK YOU!!!!

Let's keep growing together, and remember ideas and inspiration are everywhere.

I really like this article, very original and well put. I used to spend so much time on LinkedIn but currently taking a break, very time consuming sometimes. Focused on writing a book at the moment.. Happy to connect with yo:

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