In today’s world is key to understand digital globalization to not fall behind.

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Today, the possibilities offered by digital advances are an ally for entrepreneurs. Similarly, a progressively connected and globalized world is an enabling environment for new business ideas. Find out what you need to consider for your entrepreneurship to grow in the globalized digital environment.

The digital transformation of recent years leaves no doubt that technology is a fundamental tool. It can even make the difference between successful and stagnant entrepreneurship.

The thing that’s transforming is not the technology — it’s the technology that is transforming you. — Jeanne W. Ross of MIT Sloan’s Center for Information Systems Research

These are…

The necessary abilities to reshape ourselves into the natural change of the digital world

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Normally, when we think about the digital transformation of companies, we wonder about the skills needed to successfully cope with it by the employees who make up them. These are the so-called digital competitions.

And, although the most common thing is to talk about “hard skills” such as programming, data analysis, or knowledge of different technologies, the so-called soft skills “soft skills” such as communication, teamwork, leadership, etc. are increasingly valued.

On the other hand, the environment changes abruptly and new needs arise. Digital transformation is no longer a goal for growth and becomes an emergency for survival. With the…

Three consumer trends that have come to stay post-pandemic

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The pandemic has left its mark on consumption habits, lifestyles, and preferences in the world of work. We can point out three trends that have come to stay:

The first is the distance review. Between perimeter confinement and city limitations, the purchase takes place on the closest streets “neighborhood” or “shopping center”. It has been difficult to walk or buy impulsively when passing through the windows.

The second change relates to the first: the use of the car to “spend the day”, shop, eat outside and come back in the middle of the afternoon has been reduced. …

How to be found and generate revenue avoiding closure forever

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The Internet has changed the concept of traditional enterprise, of which there is no doubt. ‘Lifelong’ businesses have been forced to modernize to be competitive, opening up to unknown avenues, such as e-commerce.

When it comes to purely local business, digitization is almost inevitable. A neighborhood store, a fruit shop, or a phone repair, for example, can only sell their products or services in a given geographic area, mostly. That’s why it’s so important that people who are close to these kinds of companies can easily locate them. That’s where local marketing comes in.

Local searches are for many users…

Trends that companies implemented to adapt and survive

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The pandemic leaves us with countless lessons and lessons learned. We may forget some of them in a few months, but we will certainly not regain the sense of stability that we had before COVID-19. This disease has changed everything in its path: our concept of safety and risk, the way we interact and, the habits in the work environment: Organizations open their way.

During this time, companies have made a huge effort to adapt to new circumstances. Within a few days, they have enabled contingency mechanisms to continue working and to provide business continuity. …

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"It's not about climbing the ladder faster than everyone else, it's about sharing knowledge a long the way and knowledge is power." -Marcel Badia

Entrepreneur Growth has no limits.


“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” — Peter Drucker

Maybe you’re wondering if it’s not crazy to dedicate your scarce resources to the unlikely adventure of creating a successful company. Isn’t it more logical to “just to find a job like everyone else?”

It’s logical to think that, but isn’t that line of thinking the one that makes you end up in the lost world of unemployment in the first place? isn’t that way of thinking the one who keeps you at home, sending dozens of resumes without any results? …

The wake-up call of some fears that you need to overcome to be successful

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One of the great challenges that we have as entrepreneurs is learning to invest in our business, either to grow it or to get the most out of the benefits generated.

That means deciding how much capital you are going to spend on growth, how much to distribute among shareholders, and how much to put on financial returns. But above all, it means overcoming certain fears, because it is the key to moving forward.

Some of you already know my personal history about my work as an entrepreneur. What I may not have told you is my story about investment…

What drives an entrepreneur is a passion that encourages us to get up every time we fail

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An entrepreneur who “has fallen” always wants to stand up and knows that he/she has to stand up without paternalistic and obvious advice.

Who wouldn’t want to “be better” if they could, knew, or had the necessary support?

Who would not be interested in knowing the formula for “proper attitude” or for strengthening the will?

How can we differentiate effective advice for change based on evidence from mere emotion?

Let’s see if some of these six reflections for effective professional change life and in the company provide some certainties and direct references to your goals.

“Success is most often achieved…

Very deep Joseph, the most important enjoy what you do and love what you create for yourself.

Marcel Badia

Marcel’s goal is to help connect the global and entrepreneurial community networks to engage with each other and have a positive impact on their lives.

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